Painters District Council #4 Trust Funds

The health & welfare trust fund is a benefit plan that provides health insurance, medical reimbursement, supplemental unemployment, life insurance, disability, and holiday and vacation benefits.

Each member that receives employer contributions has an individual account (“PAP”) account that the member can access benefits from. Employer contributions are based on the collective bargaining agreement.

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Each PAP account is split into a health care account (“HCA”) and a wage replacement account (“WRA”). The HCA account will provide the member with tax-free medical benefits and health insurance, and the WRA account will provide taxable unemployment, disability, holiday, and vacation benefits.

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In addition, Buffalo Glaziers have a separate pooled SUB benefit account that supplemental unemployment, holiday, and vacation benefits can be received, if the member has qualifying hours during the plan year. Buffalo Painters also have a pooled SUB account that allows members to receive additional supplemental unemployment benefits, auto payment of local dues, and additional vacation benefits if the member has qualifying hours during the plan year. Benefits that are received out of these pooled accounts are not deducted from the member’s personal accounts.

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Each member has the ability to review their PAP account online, as well as request WRA requests online. Online access to the PAP account allows the member to review the employer contributions received, and also any disbursements from the account that have been taken. Account transactions can also be reviewed with a benefit administrator by calling the Buffalo or Rochester office.

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Health insurance premiums are taken directly out of a members account on a monthly basis, as allowable by the HCA balance. If a member does not have the funds available in the HCA account to cover the monthly premium, they can self-pay the premium in order to maintain health insurance coverage. There are a number of health insurance options for members, based on the member’s location.

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The summary plan description provides an overview of the health and welfare benefit plan. The Board of Trustees meet on a quarterly basis and all updates will be posted in order to provide the members with the most up to date information regarding the plan.

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