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February 1, 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

March 1st marks the beginning of our 30 day health insurance open enrollment time period with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Western New York.  This is an opportunity for members enrolled in our health insurance to change coverage and for members with no coverage to enroll in one of the offered plans.   A copy of the new premium rates are enclosed for your reference.  These rates will begin March 1, 2015 and run through February 28, 2016.

Enclosed is an application.  If you wish to enroll or change your health coverage please follow the instructions below:

1)                  The effective date in section 1 should read, “March 1, 2015”

2)                  Fill in the plan number you are choosing in section 2 (plan number can  be found in the   highlighted section of the premium grid enclosed )

3)                  Select “Open Enrollment” in section 3

4)                  Complete 4, “Subscriber Information”, completely

5)                  If you select family coverage complete section 5

6)                  Sign section 6

7)                  Return this application to:


585 Aero Drive

Cheektowaga,  NY 14225

Attention: Shannon Albano

The Trustees of the plan have voted to implement insurance policies which benefit the most members possible.  This being said, effective March 1, 2014 ALL plans are now offering $0 copays for preventive services, making it easier and more convenient for members to receive important services that can keep you and your family healthy, and can also help detect potentially dangerous threats to your health such as early stage cancers.  Take the time to see your doctor for these free services and stay healthy.

The increase of insurance premiums is based on member and family usage of the health insurance plan coverage from the previous year.  Several ways to keep our premiums at bay is to visit your primary physician for yearly check-ups, pill splitting, (if applicable) and using Urgent Care Centers instead of Emergency Rooms.  A list of Urgent Care Centers in your area is enclosed for your convenience; they are a great alternative to hospital emergency rooms.

A few things that are important to know with 2015’s open enrollment regarding The Affordable Care Act are as follows:

  • If you go longer than three (3) months WITHOUT health coverage in the 2015 plan year, you WILL be penalized on your personal income tax return in the 2015 tax year.
  • Pre-existing conditions will not affect your enrollment.

***If you have health coverage elsewhere, please complete the enclosed Waiver form AND include a copy of your current insurance card.  This will ensure that your contributions will be split accordingly. 

 If you have any questions or concerns at all please feel free to contact the trust funds office at (716) 565-0234.  


Shannon Albano

District Council #4 Trust Funds